Applying Alternative Data to Credit Decisioning

A Primer from Mercator Advisory Group

Alternative credit data represents an opportunity for lenders and merchants to improve the accuracy of their underwriting models and expand the world of credit to additional candidates who warrant consideration. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce the margin of error and broaden the group of creditworthy candidates.
Join credit experts from Mercator Advisory Group and ID Analytics as they discuss how to use alternative data as an opportunity to serve people outside the traditional credit approval process and present better offers to consumers with strong established credit histories.

In this webinar, ID Analytics' credit experts will...

  • Current state of consumer credit underwriting
  • An overview of alternative data types
  • An examination of various alternative data use cases
  • In-depth study on the potential alternative data presents to refine decisions on the margin  


Brian Riley-Mercator.jpg Kevin King_2017.jpg
Brian Riley Kevin King
Director of Credit Services Director of Product Marketing
Mercator Advisory Group ID Analytics