Top Five Ways to Increase Application Volume 

Reverse Abandonment Trends with Simpler Account Opening 

Marketers invest significant resources to drive potential new customers to websites and storefronts. In that push, the problem of application abandonment can be easy to overlook.  A recent Forrester study cites abandonment rates for online banking applications to be at an all-time high of 97.5%.  How can organizations reverse this abandonment trend and increase application volumes? 

In this webinar, we explore:

  • Challenges of digital application abandonment
  • Strategies for striking the right balance between customer experience and risk management 
  • Key recommendations for implementing a seamless, safe and simple enrollment process that meets consumers’ expectations
  • How DataX was able to offer shorter application times and reduced friction resulting in a 9% improvement in conversion
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AaronKline_250x250 Ian Young
Aaron Kline   Ian Young
VP Innovation and New Ventures Chief Analytics Officer
ID Analytics DataX