Debunking Millennial Myths: Effectively Engaging America’s Largest Generation

In 2015, millennials overtook baby boomers as the largest living generation. They represent the highest lifetime value of any customer segment, and are enormously influential to other generations of consumers, yet we continue to see this critical demographic migrate away from traditional forms of credit and services.

Many institutions succumb to the myths that there is a lack of demand for credit products among this group, and that millennials who are considered “low score” and “no score” are always high risk. The impact of this is that risk managers, who play an important role in millennial engagement may jeopardize their company’s long-term success by declining millennials at a high rate.

In this webinar, ID Analytics' Kevin King:

  • Shares research that debunks misconceptions about millennials and traditional financial products
  • Highlights the opportunities with no score, new to credit millennials and how to respond to their demands
  • Discusses the consequences of declining millennials and how to adopt strategies and tools to safely capture this essential opportunity


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Kevin King    
Director, Product Marketing    
ID Analytics