Securing the Customer Experience: Verify the ID and the Identity

For lenders and service providers, protecting their businesses while preserving the customer experience has never been tougher. Fraudsters are growing more aggressive in their attacks, while consumers are growing more intolerant of the friction involved in authentication. In many ways photo-capture technologies present a compelling solution to this dilemma, improving the customer experience by reducing data entry associated with traditional authentication processes.

Unfortunately, most of these solutions miss a critical step of verifying the actual identity asserted on the ID. Today, sophisticated counterfeit driver licenses and other forms of government issued IDs capable of defeating document checks are a booming business, allowing fraudsters to pass many image-capture screens. In response, innovative companies looking to leverage photo-capture for authentication are adopting a data-driven strategy that examines both the ID and the identity, protecting their customer experience – and their business.

In this webinar, ID Analytics experts will:

  • Provide use cases that demonstrate the challenges of authenticating consumers
  • Discuss best practices to safely leverage photo-capture technology
  • Demonstrate a data-driven evaluation of a document and its related identity information


Kevin King Tim Manglona
Kevin King Tim Manglona

Director, Product Marketing

Sr. Product Manager

ID Analytics

ID Analytics